Real Estate

11 hectors of land in Douala for the development of low cost housing in partnership with Credit Froncier de Cameroun. Company has obtained through a partnership another 75 hectors for a small city outside Douala. Our focus is to develop low cost housing for the growing middle class in the Central African region.


Medicam has its own team of professionally trained experts in development of all forms of infrastructure. These opportunities that provides the basic, often essential, services, facilities and technology upon which the growth and development of a modern community depends. Medicam has strategic partnerships with construction and engineering companies with over 25 years experience including successful development of large scale projects globally.


Medicam works with a leading South African energy development firm and is committed to working in Cameroon to develop sustainable energy for the Republic and its neighbors. Our focus is maintenance and development of new or existing electricity infrastructure. Medicam is committed to an environmental friendly approach through groundbreaking and cost effective power generation. Fusion, hydropower and solar power is the future and Medicam is at the cutting edge with deliverable, provable, cost effective plants.


Company is a licensed bottler and producer of volcanic mineral water, brand Volcanic Springs, considered the finest water on Earth as its safe for babies and pregnant women. Company plans to expand its beverage unit to include fruit drinks and other forms of popular beverages. As anyone with a discerning palate will confirm, natural spring water is not tasteless. The outstanding taste of the Volcanic Springs product comes from the dissolved minerals it absorbs gradually and naturally during its leisurely journey through the volcanic rock of Mount Cameroon.


Company is engaged as developer and also re-seller of new technologies for the African and global markets. These include, but are not limited to: Video on Demand, Messaging, Communications and Music stream technology. More updates coming soon


The Group is involved with the production and management of Television, Newspaper, Online media and Cameroon Music TV, Cameroon movies TV, Liberte FM radio. Its sports channel Afrosport will broadcast in English and French and will be live in Cameroon and on broadcast satellite to the world. Medicam in Le Messenger newspaper established in 1979. Medicam owns and operates the Newspaper Libertie Matin and FM radio Liberte FM established in 1994.

NGO – Better Future for Change

Non-Governmental Organization with a focus programs include education, agriculture and professional training for sustainable future for the youth of Cameroon. ‘Give a person a fish they eat for one day, teach a person to fish they eat for life’


Medicam and its management has a long history in mining and mineral export as a licensed buying house. Medicam will be a leader in the CEMAC region as a diamond and gold exporter of non-conflict minerals legally under the Kimberly process. The Company is invested in buying/mining and can be a reliable local partner in future development projects.

Cable TV

Medicam is partnered with the major cable companies in Cameroon. Lucrative opportunities await this sector.


Medicam has been awarded by the Ministry of Health the license to manufacture and import and distribute medications within Cameroon.

Defense – National Security

Medicam is able to deliver state of the art technology through strategic partnerships in the defense industry. Border control from point of entry to national control centers from the airport to the frontier this is what Medicam can offer to secure your countries borders. Medicam has access to drone technology to serve every thinkable need. Medicam has already been awarded large contracts by an African Government for our technology and is in negotiations with others.


The Company has 1000 hectors of agricultural land under prospection of development. We see a long term growth in this sector and will work with partners to develop and grow. We also see a large opportunity for attaining raw products such as tea, coffee, cocoa, and fruits from local farmers for benefaction, packaging and final consumer products for export of local consumption.

Micro-Finance and Credit Union:

Cooperative des Jeunes pour le Development du Cameroun Finance (COJEDEC) – Cooperative of the Youth for the Development of Cameroon Financial. A licensed credit union within Cameroon focused on micro-credit loans to women and employed Cameroonians.