Alexander D. Powers, President and CEO


American entrepreneur, a decade of experience working in Africa. Executive with a background across multiple sectors, cultures and languages. Primary focus natural resources, defense, aviation, health care, trade, e-commerce, gaming, banking and high tech industries. Experience entering new markets particularly frontier and emerging markets. Successful in building profitable businesses, highly productive teams, raising capital, leading business development, corporate development and strategic planning efforts.

Jules Njawe, Chief Operating Officer


Jules Njawe, Entrepreneur, Political activist, executive with a background across multiple sectors, cultures and languages. Njawe’s primary focus of interest is national security, media, aviation, agriculture, trade, real estate development and other industries.  Successful in building strong local and governmental relationships, highly productive teams, a respected media empire at Le Messenger, a natural leader in the Cameroonian business community and political and strategic advisor to multiple Presidents and Ministers across the CEMAC region.

 Adriaan du Plessis, Executive Vice-President


Adriaan du Plessis  is the co-founder of the Diamond Dealers Club in Cameroon.  He is the national diamond and gold evaluator for Cameroon. He is a qualified rough diamond evaluator and is also co-founder of Adsila Trading a diamond trading company in South Africa. He was the driving force behind Sequre Trade Africa and headed up Global Trade Solutions with expertise in the Import and Export market.  He is a qualified martial arts instructor with a black belt in Taekwondo  and Kyokushin.

Lanyuy Cyprain, Vice-President – Accounting

Mr. Cyprain,  Experienced accountant, an expert in office management, overseeing day to day financial management for Medicam for human resources to employee salaries and general business operations.

Serge Sanen Bogmis, Director – Medicam Media Network Operations


Over 16 years as an executive manager and as a founder in the development of Cable TV in Cameroun.  Mr. Bogmis is a veteran in the Cable TV space in his country. Mr Bogmis network covers the majority of Cameroun and with Strategic Alliances reaching over 5 million viewers a day.  Mr. Bogmis is a solution finder from head-end to HFC (hybrid frequency cable) network at Tvcam Sarl, Frequence2 Network,   and United Cable Network Sarl.

Kenneth Harris Chief Financial Officer


World Class Operations Executive/Seasoned Trouble Shooter/Consultant/Advisor with 25 years experience in corporate restructuring, consolidations and international business ventures.  A leader and visionary with proven success in sales and marketing, corporate finance, mergers and acquisition integration, change management, international manufacturing operations, technology development, fraud detection and prevention. Identifies organizational needs and demonstrates a successful track record in developing strategic business solutions and partnerships to maximize performance, revenue and profitability.

§ Domestic & International Business Partnerships § Multi-facilities Operations Management § EPA / DEQ Regulatory Compliance

§ Litigation Avoidance & Risk Management § Manufacturing & Production Optimization § International Finance Initiatives

§ New Business Launch & Start-ups  § Executive Team & Corporate Development   § Strategic Business Planning & Implementation

§ Mergers & Acquisition Integration § Distressed Asset Management Initiatives § Manufacturing & Technology Development

Yves Yamegeu, Executive Assistant – IT technician, Media Relations.